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Fovargue Mead

Property Sold within a 150 metre radius of Fovargue Mead MK42 7GS.

2019-12178 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£280,000
2019-07140 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£260,000
2019-05208 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£180,000
2019-05110 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£362,500
2019-02122 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£175,000
2018-11144 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£398,000
2018-106 The Bower, Kempston£382,000
2018-09170 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£229,995
2018-09118 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£184,000
2018-096 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£220,000
2018-08122 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£205,000
2018-07142 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£307,500
2018-0712 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£225,000
2018-06220 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£273,000
2018-02146 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£295,000
2018-021 The Green, Kempston£385,000
2018-01222 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£262,000
2017-12224 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£263,000
2017-11162 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£302,995
2017-11160 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£296,495
2017-11116 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£192,000
2017-11114 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£192,000
2017-09156 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£305,000
2017-0918 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£387,500
2017-06164 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£297,495
2017-06168 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£296,995
2017-06166 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£293,995
2017-0617 Eagles Heath, Kempston£372,995
2017-0619 Eagles Heath, Kempston£507,495
2017-0615 Eagles Heath, Kempston£369,995
2017-06172 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£227,995
2017-06126 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£169,950
2017-05174 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£279,995
2017-0513 Eagles Heath, Kempston£435,250
2017-03178 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£282,995
2017-03176 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£274,995
2016-08216 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£174,995
2016-08218 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£159,995
2016-082 Eagles Heath, Kempston£204,995
2016-08120 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£168,000
2016-07208 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£169,995
2016-07214 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£176,995
2016-07212 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£171,995
2016-07210 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£173,995
2016-069 Eagles Heath, Kempston£249,995
2016-065 Eagles Heath, Kempston£258,995
2016-0611 Eagles Heath, Kempston£259,995
2016-068 Eagles Heath, Kempston£396,995
2016-067 Eagles Heath, Kempston£359,995
2016-066 Eagles Heath, Kempston£220,000
2016-063 Eagles Heath, Kempston£282,995
2016-064 Eagles Heath, Kempston£375,995
2016-05222 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£239,995
2016-05224 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£242,995
2016-05220 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£240,995
2016-0510 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£286,000
2015-123 Smith Mews, Kempston£274,995
2015-122 Smith Mews, Kempston£359,995
2015-124 Smith Mews, Kempston£309,995
2015-121 The Green £304,995
2015-122 The Green, Kempston£364,995
2015-115 Fovargue Mead, Kempston£375,495
2015-101 Smith Mews, Kempston£262,995
2015-091 Fovargue Mead, Kempston£359,995
2015-093 Fovargue Mead, Kempston£375,995
2015-099 Fovargue Mead, Kempston£309,995
2015-087 Fovargue Mead, Kempston£299,995
2015-084 The Bower, Kempston£359,995
2015-07146 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£254,995
2015-073 The Bower, Kempston£227,995
2015-072 The Bower, Kempston£289,995
2015-0610 The Bower, Kempston£369,995
2015-0611 The Bower, Kempston£374,995
2015-06148 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£254,995
2015-06150 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£256,995
2015-066 The Bower, Kempston£294,995
2015-06152 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£255,995
2015-06154 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£253,995
2015-06130 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£244,995
2015-068 The Bower, Kempston£294,995
2015-061 The Bower, Kempston£262,995
2015-06132 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£244,995
2015-06156 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£257,995
2015-0622 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£372,495
2015-067 The Bower, Kempston£229,495
2015-065 The Bower, Kempston£229,495
2015-068 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£254,995
2015-0518 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£304,995
2015-0520 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£289,995
2015-059 The Bower, Kempston£293,995
2015-0516 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£293,995
2015-0414 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£324,700
2015-044 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£294,995
2015-0310 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£145,000
2015-0312 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£173,995
2015-032 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£254,995
2015-036 Baldwin Walk, Kempston£169,495
2015-03108 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£254,995
2015-03110 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£296,995
2015-03112 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£296,495
2015-02122 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£140,995
2015-02120 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£140,495
2015-02124 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£143,995
2015-02126 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£132,495
2015-02118 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£138,495
2015-02116 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£135,995
2014-12136 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£167,995
2014-12134 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£167,995
2014-12140 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£249,995
2014-12114 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£167,995
2014-12128 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£244,995
2014-12138 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£241,559
2014-12144 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£285,995
2014-12142 Wilkinson Road, Kempston£241,995
2011-085 The Bower, Kempston£265,000
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Crimes Recorded within a 200 metre radius of Fovargue Mead MK42 7GS.

Date/CrimeApprox Location

Businesses Registered within a 150 metre radius of Fovargue Mead MK42 7GS.

Arla Investments Ltd13 Eagles Heath, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7NN
Civil Technology Limited16 Baldwin Walk, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GU
Fumestra Retail Ltd204 Wilkinson Road, Bedford, MK42 7GP
Gif Trans Ltd3 The Bower, Bedford, MK42 7GT
Hmma Business Intelligence Limited9 The Bower, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GT
Imaginethemoment Limited112 Wilkinson Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GP
Ix Hub Limited4 Baldwin Walk, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GU
J Agar Communications Ltd212 Wilkinson Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GP
Mad Transport Ltd3 The Bower, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GT
Mini Map-Makers Limited4 Baldwin Walk, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GU
Nkatha Limited142 Wilkinson Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GP
Silver7 Mapping Limited4 Baldwin Walk, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GU
Squatch Limited128 Wilkinson Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GP
Stop Step Trading Uk Ltd17 Eagles Heath, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7NN
Trans Costas Ltd3 The Bower, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GT
Wael Zghaibe Limited14 Baldwin Walk, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7GU
Work Zone Construction (U.K) Ltd5 Eagles Heath, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7NN

Location Details

Easting: 501874
Northing: 246598
Long: -0.514105360806749
Lat: 52.1081063410483